The Grammar Ace: Student Workbook by Duane Bolin

The Grammar Ace: Student Workbook

Book Title: The Grammar Ace: Student Workbook

Publisher: Avyx, Inc

ISBN: 1887840761

Author: Duane Bolin

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Duane Bolin with The Grammar Ace: Student Workbook

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Note: This is the Student Workbook, to be used along with the Instructor's Manual. All the grammar your children need... in one self-paced program! Grammar... Ugh. The very word strikes terror into many a stout heart. If grammar wasn't your favorite subject in school, you may feel insecure about teaching it to your children. Don't worry, we created The Grammar Ace just for you! To teach every grammar rule in the English language, you'd need hundreds of lessons. Thankfully, your children don't need them all to enjoy a great start. Just the ones they learn here in The Grammar Ace... No dangling participles here. Your young writers get the key tools they need to master any standardized test and become better writers. It's all here—a complete introduction to practical grammar, in one program designed to serve kids in grades 4-7. Best of all, you set the pace. Take these 36 lessons and do them in six months with older children, or 1-2 years for the younger ones... you decide what"s right. Plus more tools and help than ever for the teacher you. The Grammar Ace is not only easy to learn, it's easy to teach. You'll never feel stranded! Each carefully sequenced lesson in the Instructor's Manual includes: - Definition of 1-2 new grammar rules you'll encounter - Easy-to-follow scripted teaching segment with clear examples and fun ideas - In a Nutshell section: distills the lesson to a brief, easy-to-grasp summary - Plus answers for everything but the free writing assignments! Scripted lessons make teaching grammar more fun than you could imagine. Each new concept appears in a straightforward, simple style with compelling examples. Fun, diverse application activities help you link the concepts to your children's writing in practical ways that reinforce what they learn. Activity sheets in this Student Workbook speak directly to the students, and solidify their understanding of the concepts. Let your children work on their own, or do them together—these activities will seem more like fun than homework. The Grammar Ace is a perfect supplement to any language arts program. This easy, self-paced program will introduce your children to the grammar they really need to know, in a way they will enjoy. You will, too!