Coaching Classroom Instruction (Classroom Strategies) by Robert J. Marzano

Coaching Classroom Instruction (Classroom Strategies)

Book Title: Coaching Classroom Instruction (Classroom Strategies)

Publisher: Marzano Research

ISBN: 0983351260

Author: Robert J. Marzano

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Robert J. Marzano with Coaching Classroom Instruction (Classroom Strategies)

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A must-have resource for individual educators, coaches, or teams, this book covers everything from approaches for boosting professional growth to creating macrostrategies that are responsive to student needs. Learn how to offer targeted feedback to teachers, empowering them to identify how they can improve their knowledge and skill. Step-by-step quidelines will help teachers increase their performance on the 280 researched-based strategies for Becoming a Reflective Teacher.


- Learn how coaches can help K-12 teachers employ the 41 elements of effective teaching in their classrooms using over 280 research-based strategies.
- Explore research, extra support/scaffolding, and extensions for each of more than 280 strategies.
- Examine various ways schools and districts can provide coaching to teachers, including the advantage and disadvantage of each.
-Consider teacher actions and desired student responses for each strategy within the forty-one elements of effective teaching.
-Engage in role-play activities for coaches and teachers.
1. Research and Theory
2. A Foundation for Coaching
3. Not Using (0) to Beginning (1)
4. Beginning (1) to Developing (2) and Developing (2) to Applying (3)
5. Applying (3) to Innovating (4)
6 Aspects of Coaching
Appendix: Answers to Comprehension Questions